A few of my favorite things

Here are a few things that make my hectic working mom life just a little bit easier to juggle!

Too Blessed to be Stressed by Debora M. Coty

A great little book containing “Inspiration for Climbing Out of Life’s Stress-Pool” that can be read in 3-5 minute spurts. Each of the 2-4 page chapters covers a different topic, such as “Cheesecake: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore (Nutrition),” with wit and wisdom that helps you realize you are not alone! You can order it here.

Lo & Sons O.M.G. Handbag

This bag is the perfect size to hold my laptop, tablet, sunglasses, keys, wallet, makeup and SHOES! It has a shoe pocket, which is ideal as I walk across a large university campus to get from meeting to meeting. I can step into my flats and toss my heels in this handy-dandy compartment! Its discrete back zipper panel allows it to slide over the handle of your carry-on, making it ideal for travel. Bonus: The nylon exterior allows you to easily wipe off anything your children spill on it! Check it out here.

Away Suitcase

I travel quite a bit and I LOVE this suitcase! The hard case and TSA-approved lock keep all of my items safe and I love always having a USB charger at my fingertips in the airport! The suitcases come in a variety of colors so you can showcase your personality and easily identify your luggage coming off the carousel. The bags hold a deceptive amount. I was able to pack for a nine-day trip to Italy in my pink Bigger Carry-On suitcase. Find the perfect one for you here.

Magnetic Whiteboard Menu Planner

Every Saturday, my husband and I sit down with kids and plan out what we are going to eat for dinner each day of the week. This lives on our refrigerator and has taken a lot of the guess work out of meal planning. You can find a number of different options on amazon.com.

Beachbody On Demand

I leave for work at 6:40 each morning and return home between 5:30 and 5:45. Add in family meals, soccer practice, swim lessons, homework and bed-time routines, and that doesn’t leave a lot of time to work out. I love Beachbody on demand because it allows me to pick an exercise routine that works for my schedule and I can do it anywhere (including my hotel room). See if they have a plan for you here.