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Achievable New Year’s resolutions for working moms in 2019

I actually don't like the word "resolution". I associate it with either A) a wish or dream that will leave me feeling bad about myself by mid-February or worse, B) an act of Congress. I prefer the idea of setting goals for the coming year. And let's be honest, with two young kids and a… Continue reading Achievable New Year’s resolutions for working moms in 2019

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Vanishing Act

Not having enough time was the reason behind my vanishing act from this blog. I have not written for the past three months not because I wasn't inspired, or have given up on writing, but simply because SOMETHING had to give in order to maintain my sanity.

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Response to “The Transformed Wife”

The viral post "Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos" claims that women should submit to their husband, raise children, run the home and not attend college because it is counter to these ideals and will encourage women to have careers. As a a Christian woman, Bible study leader and full-time employee at a university with two degrees to my name, I felt compelled to respond.

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Be Here Now

I am currently in the middle of a three-part training series for managers where we have been encouraged to establish mini-habits to increase the effectiveness of our communication with our direct reports. I feel that I can summarize these mini-habits in three words: be here now.