I like being number two

Why are Americans so obsessed with being number one? I've started thinking about this because I was recently asked by two different twenty-somethings what the next step in my career is. I have been the second most senior person on my team for about five years, so maybe to an outsider it looks like it should be time for me to move up or move on, but here's the thing: I'm happy.

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Making work travel a little easier for this working mom and my family

Working parents who travel know it isn't easy to be away from our kids. Tearful good-byes, rushed FaceTime conversations before school/meetings, and quick text-message updates from your spouse do little to replace the soccer practices, snuggles and bedtime stories. When our daughter was four and I was pregnant with our son, I was fortunate enough… Continue reading Making work travel a little easier for this working mom and my family

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Response to “The Transformed Wife”

The viral post "Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos" claims that women should submit to their husband, raise children, run the home and not attend college because it is counter to these ideals and will encourage women to have careers. As a a Christian woman, Bible study leader and full-time employee at a university with two degrees to my name, I felt compelled to respond.


Team Building Over Coffee

In six weeks, I will celebrate my eight-year anniversary working for TCU. I will also celebrate my eight-year anniversary working on the same team (through three name changes) and for the same boss. I consider myself extremely lucky to work for my boss. She is a strong leader who invests in our professional development, trusts… Continue reading Team Building Over Coffee

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5 Tips for Minimizing Working Mom Guilt

We all have it. That nagging feeling that we are letting someone down: our children, our boss, our spouse, ourselves. When we're at work, we feel guilty that our kids are in after-school care; when we're at home with a sick child, or chaperoning a field trip, we feel guilty about not responding to emails… Continue reading 5 Tips for Minimizing Working Mom Guilt