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Be Here Now

I am currently in the middle of a three-part training series for managers where we have been encouraged to establish mini-habits to increase the effectiveness of our communication with our direct reports. I feel that I can summarize these mini-habits in three words: be here now.


Summer Family Bucket List

I love summer. I love swimming in the pool, the smell of food cooking on the grill, eating outside on the back deck and having a constant excuse for craving an ice cream cone (which - let's be real - I crave all year long, but it's more socially acceptable in the hotter months).
In the summer I want to go out and DO things with our kids! But I'm not so good at coming up with something fun to do on the fly (no one has ever accused me of being spontaneous)

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Four Reasons to Have Weekly Meetings With Your Spouse

Tuesday nights at our house are not very exciting after we put the kids to bed. There is no romance, no binge-watching our favorite shows, not even chit-chat recounting the funny stories from the day. Every Tuesday night, Matt and I convene at the kitchen table for what resembles a weekly staff meeting. It started… Continue reading Four Reasons to Have Weekly Meetings With Your Spouse