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Be Here Now

I am currently in the middle of a three-part training series for managers where we have been encouraged to establish mini-habits to increase the effectiveness of our communication with our direct reports. I feel that I can summarize these mini-habits in three words: be here now.


Team Building Over Coffee

In six weeks, I will celebrate my eight-year anniversary working for TCU. I will also celebrate my eight-year anniversary working on the same team (through three name changes) and for the same boss. I consider myself extremely lucky to work for my boss. She is a strong leader who invests in our professional development, trusts… Continue reading Team Building Over Coffee

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5 Tips for Minimizing Working Mom Guilt

We all have it. That nagging feeling that we are letting someone down: our children, our boss, our spouse, ourselves. When we're at work, we feel guilty that our kids are in after-school care; when we're at home with a sick child, or chaperoning a field trip, we feel guilty about not responding to emails… Continue reading 5 Tips for Minimizing Working Mom Guilt