Summer Family Bucket List

I love summer. I love swimming in the pool, the smell of food cooking on the grill, eating outside on the back deck and having a constant excuse for craving an ice cream cone (which - let's be real - I crave all year long, but it's more socially acceptable in the hotter months).
In the summer I want to go out and DO things with our kids! But I'm not so good at coming up with something fun to do on the fly (no one has ever accused me of being spontaneous)

Finding balance

I’m done telling everyone that I’m so busy!

When did busyness become a competition? Am I the only who has to fight the impulse to share my to-do list with a friend or a colleague when she is sharing her litany of things that she needs to do? While some of my overwhelmed state has been forced upon me (being down two people… Continue reading I’m done telling everyone that I’m so busy!

Finding balance, Parenting

End of School Year Blues

Most days as a working mom I feel overtired, under-caffeinated, overwhelmed, under-performing and barely holding it together. But at the end of the school year? At the end of the school year, I feel like I am being tested to within an inch of my limits. Everyone's going to be very lucky if the Farrow Family doesn't accidentally send Green eggs and ham served on a TCU platter with bits of chocolate and a flashlight in it on Field Day!