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Three People Thursday

I struggle to nurture and maintain friendships. There, I admitted it!

I recently reflected on the fact that my husband and I don’t have any close couple friends the way it seems that most people our age do. I suppose there are a couple of different reasons for this. We don’t live anywhere near our friends from college or high school having made the decision nine years ago to move from New York to Texas. And despite having put down roots in the beautiful, historical town that we now call home, we each work about 45 minutes away (in opposite directions) and spend the majority of our time at work, with our kids or commuting. That doesn’t leave much time for getting together with friends.

Right before Christmas, I was listening to one of my favorite morning radio shows when one of the hosts mentioned that he had started calling eight people a day that he hadn’t spoken to in a long time. He described an incredible conversation he had with a former pastor now in his nineties and catching up with friends who were now spread all over the country. I could never call eight people a day, but I have decided that I can scale that down and text three people every Thursday.

Every Thursday, I select three people who are on my heart to reach out to. I try to ask them specific questions about what is going on in their lives or just let them know that I am thinking about them. It’s helped me to reconnect to some people that I otherwise don’t encounter on a daily basis and has led to some wonderful conversations and even a wonderful girl’s night out over Greek food and a bottle of wine.

It might not be a weekly community group, a wine club or book club, but during this season of my life, it is certainly better than nothing!

4 thoughts on “Three People Thursday”

  1. This is such a lovely commitment to make. I couldn’t make 8 calls a day either and in fact struggle with phone calls all together by the time the kids are in bed but texting is highly doable. I like whatsapp for being able to think of someone and send them a picture. I may well have to make this an intention for February, thanks for the inspiration

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