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Vanishing Act

I started this blog nine months ago as a way to chronicle the joys and challenges of being a full-time working mom with two small children. I think one of the biggest challenges working moms face is that there never seems to be enough time in each day. A recent study cleverly titled Moms on the “Mother Load” from Edison Research found that full-time working moms carry the same mental load and household responsibilities as stay at home moms, just with the added burden of working an average of 40 hours a week on top of it, so it’s easy to understand why there never seems to be enough time.

Edison Research 2018


Not having enough time was the reason behind my vanishing act from this blog. I have not written for the past three months not because I wasn’t inspired, or have given up on writing, but simply because SOMETHING had to give in order to maintain my sanity.

Shortly after I posted about my adventures traveling across the country with our kids while my husband had an unexpected operation (he’s doing great, by the way) back in August, two members of our team left to pursue other opportunities, leaving us short staffed going into the busiest time of year. We had been fully staffed for a blissful six weeks.

Gives Day 2 1200px x 630px
It takes a lot of incredibly dedicated people to make TCU Gives Day the “Best Day Ever!”

So as I coordinated the efforts behind TCU Gives Day, our 24-hour giving challenge that takes place at the beginning of November, my job quickly became all consuming. I didn’t take a lunch break for four straight weeks; I went in early, worked after the kids went to bed and occasionally on the weekends. 

Thank God for my incredible husband who always steps up when my work takes me away from the family! He went beyond his standard parenting prowess, which includes making breakfast and getting the kids to school, doing homework and prodding them to clean their rooms, to taking care of everything (seriously, I wasn’t even reading any communication from the kids’ schools at this point).

The incredible husband and kids who keep us so busy

To add to the chaos, our seven-year-old daughter, Avery, decided to play soccer this fall. Matt and I were proud of her for for trying something new and wanted to support her. But now I understand the challenge that all soccer moms who have gone before me are aware of: you are a shuttle bus at the mercy of your child’s coach and league commissioners! Before we really knew what was happening, we were taking Avery to weekly soccer practices, gymnastics lessons and soccer games. With a younger brother who is about to start tackling extracurricular activities with a similar amount of gusto as his big sister, I have seen our future and it’s going to require a color-coded calendar and a more fuel-efficient family car!


With too much going on at work and at home, I asked myself what could give. I followed my own advice and went back to a post I wrote back in March about making room for joy, where I suggest identifying three priorities and then saying “no” to anything that falls outside of those priorities. For me those three areas continue to be a) serving in my church, b) connecting with my family, and c) advancing the mission of TCU in my current role. So for a time I had to say to “no” to this blog.

I hope that as working moms (or supporters of working moms), you will nod your head in understanding and welcome me back to the blogosphere with open arms now that my schedule is less demanding and I once again have time to write about how there isn’t enough time in the day.

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