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End of School Year Blues

Most days I do not feel like a super hero under the best circumstances. Most days as a working mom I feel overtired, under-caffeinated, overwhelmed, under-performing and barely holding it together. But at the end of the school year? At the end of the school year, I feel like I am being tested to within an inch of my limits.

This year our son’s school is counting down to the end of the year with a different activity starting with each letter of the alphabet. Fun, right? Sure, except he’s two. So he’s not going to remember to pack a Flashlight, put on a Green shirt, make sure he has a Hat, etc. Add it to the to-do list! Our daughter’s school is just as busy. We’ve had “Lunch with a Loved One,” the spring book fair, Career Day, College Colors Day, three early release days, two school vacation days and Field Day. All of which require family involvement (and a whole lot of vacation time for working parents!)

Today is also National Teacher Appreciation Day, which both of our kids’ schools have extended into  Teacher Appreciation Week. Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful for the incredible teachers at both schools, but who thought this was a good time of year to add to parents’ never-ending to-do lists!?! Now in addition to remembering which child is supposed to have the Green shirt and which one is supposed to wear a college T-shirt, we are supposed to keep track of sending notes, chocolates, gift cards, dishes for pot lucks. Everyone’s going to be very lucky if the Farrow Family doesn’t accidentally send Green eggs and ham served on a TCU platter with bits of chocolate and a flashlight in it on Field Day! It’s all a bit overwhelming.

When you are a working mom who is employed at a school; the chaos begins to multiply exponentially! The end of TCU’s fiscal year coincides with the end of the academic calendar (May 31 and May 12 respectively), which means a whole lot of activity for those of us in University Advancement. And our team is still under-staffed.

To add to the craziness of the end of the school year, Avery’s birthday is at the beginning of May. This past weekend we had her family birthday party and a sleepover with her besties. Much fun was had by all, and much planning was needed from mom!

So, back to where I started this post. I feel overtired, under-caffeinated, overwhelmed, under-performing and barely holding it together. But then Avery shared this creation with me this morning:

She thinks I am a super hero. Maybe I’m not doing as poorly as I think I am. Maybe I should cut myself some slack and remember to just love my little ones and do the best I can. Their world isn’t going to come crashing down around them if they aren’t wearing the right shirt.

At least I hope that’s true, because you know what? I have no idea what we were supposed to do for the letter “I” today…

3 thoughts on “End of School Year Blues”

  1. Starting following your blog after reading this post. The end of the school year can be overwhelming in and of itself. There seems to be soooo much to do with soo little time. And because I have 3 myself, that makes it even crazier. Once you had a job in the mix, you not only have to deal with the expectations that the schools have put onto you, but also that of the job in which you work. What ways have you found to properly balance work life, mom life, and time for yourself?

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    1. Thanks for the follow! I love connecting with other working moms! Finding balance isn’t easy. I’ve started by setting boundaries for myself. First rule of thumb was to identify the three areas where I feel God is calling me to focus right now (serving my family, serving in my church and serving in my career) and then politely declining any involvements outside of those three areas to avoid having too many commitments. I also refuse to work between when I come home and when the kids go to bed. And I wake up at least 30 minutes before anyone else in the house to have some “me time” with my coffee and devotional. It’s not always perfect, but it works fairly well. How do you find balance?


  2. My brain was fried for the last two weeks of school. Today, last day, they all managed to leave dressed, fed, one kid with a lunch bag, the other with his snacks, and no one died, least of all me. lol


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