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“Drop that b^+@#!”

Peace is hard to come by in our face-paced world.

In a season of life that feels overwhelming, sometimes you just need your girlfriends! Every Monday evening, I have the pleasure of gathering with my Rooted Sisters to study the Bible. We gather at a large wooden table with an assortment of food, our Bibles, current study guide (right now we’re reading Romans: Encountering the Gospel’s Power by John Stott) and a whole lot of spiritual and emotional baggage.

This past Monday, we all found ourselves at the end of our personal and professional ropes for various reasons. After laying all of our cares and anxieties on the table, we opened up our study guides to where we’d left on the previous week and read the first line. “Peace is hard to come by in our face-paced world.” Well you can say that again!

As we read through Romans 5 and 6 together, we began discussing the pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect and the anxiety it causes (which I recently wrote about) when one of my Sisters spoke some pretty eloquent truth:

If one of your girlfriends said the things to you that you say to yourself, you’d drop that b^+@#!

We burst out laughing and realized that she’s right! We can be so critical of ourselves. We look in the mirror and tell ourselves that we need to lose weight, start using anti-wrinkle eye cream, do something different with our hair and spend 30 minutes doing our make up before we leave the house. Would you ever say those things to your best friend? Would she ever say those things to you? (If she did, I bet you’d drop that b^+@#…) So why do we allow ourselves to speak that negativity into our own hearts?

So the next time you find yourself being your own worst critic, tell yourself to shut up and think about what your best friend would say to instead. Better yet, think about what the One who made you and loves you would say to you.

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