Why am I here?

I don’t enjoy writing.

That’s a good start to a blog, right? But it’s true. I agonize over writing. I plan, I edit, I edit some more and then some more. I have to set aside a large swath of time just to write the simplest of memos. Writing has always seemed like a chore to me. I remember in graduate school a young woman told me how much she loved journaling and blogging and the whole time she was speaking all I could think was, “We have to write papers ALL the time. I can’t think of something I would enjoy doing less in my spare time than write more!” It isn’t the committing ideas to paper that I object to (if you are looking for a bulleted list, I am your lady!), it’s the composition that I struggle with; going from a bulleted list of ideas to sentences that flow eloquently from one idea to the next is torturous.

I don’t have time to write.

When I am at home, so are my two beautiful children (and constant shouts of “MAMA!”), the dishes that are having a party in my sink, the breakfasts/lunches/dinners that refuse to prepare themselves, laundry that I swear was just washed ten minutes ago and so on. When I’m at work, so are my wonderful colleagues (and the constant query, “Hey, do you have a minute?”), the emails that multiply faster than rabbits, the data analyses/project proposals/meeting agendas that won’t write themselves, etc.

So why am I here?

So if I don’t enjoy writing and I don’t have time to write, why in the world have I decided to start a blog? The simple answer is that it’s something I feel God calling me to do. I grew up in a small suburb of Boston and all of my friends had two working parents; I don’t remember anyone who had a stay-at-home mom. My own mom retired as a senior managing parter of the world’s largest brokerage firm. I always wanted to have a career and I never questioned the wisdom of that choice.

Then I moved to Dallas, Texas and had my daughter. My husband, Matt, and I joined the church that he grew up in. Before I knew it, I was one of just a handful of women who had chosen to have children and a career in a Bible study class of about 70 couples. Most had decided to stay at home full-time, worked part-time or had a job only because financially they had to. I found myself resenting the constant barrage of emails requesting mid-day play dates or volunteer activities on a weekday.

For a number of different reasons we left that church and joined Compass Christian Church in Colleyville, Texas just after our son was born. There God in His infinite wisdom has connected us with a community group of (wait for it…) all working parents!! I now have the joy of co-leading a weekly Bible study for seven working moms who have chosen to have careers while raising their children. They are my Rooted Sisters. This blog is for them and for every other working mom out there who desperately wishes there were 30 hours in a day to spend enough time with God and her family while tackling two never-ending to-do lists. It is also for anyone else who would like a glimpse into the Working Mom Life. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy. Thank you for being here.

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